First Class Window Cleaning
First Class Window Cleaning

If you decide to tackle this job yourself, here are some great links and resources for you to check out.


I hope this helps...but remember to always be smart and safe!

Here is a link to a great website that covers all the basics:
Washing Windows Like a Pro

This is a nice video that covers some more advanced techniques:
Using a Squeegee and Scrubber Like a Pro Video

This is a great website for everything professional window cleaners use to do their job everyday.

Window Cleaning Resource

If you find that your windows are streaking here are my suggestions:

1. Make sure you are washing the window with lots of water!

Just like you would when washing your car. Most people don't use enough water and then the solution dries too fast. Scrub it well and get it good and wet.

Seems like everyone wants to use the least amount of water they can. Just a little squirt isn't going to get your windows clean.

Get those babies wet!

2. Always use a fresh, new rubber blade on your squeegee.

Old ones get micro-cracks and rounded corners that will leave streaks behind. And cheap ones just don't work. Your local hardware store, "Big Box" home improvement store, or just online store will have the good one. I like the Ettore brand of squeegee handles and blades.

3. Keep even pressure on the squeegee blade, but don't press too hard.

It's easy to think that more pressure will help, but too much works against you and squishes out the water. This causes streaks and runs.

Practice, practice, practice. If you will work at it for an hour straight, you'll be surprised at how you improve.

One of the "upsides" to window cleaning is the instant reward of nice, clean glass. There is something about sparkling clean windows and shiny screens that makes a home feel fresh and clean.

I hope this little tutorial helps. Good luck and God bless!

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